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The Nootropic Treatment

The Nootropic Treatment combines essential vitamin B12 from Hype Bites with concentration boosting matcha green tea caffeine and non-drowsy relaxation promoting l-theanine from Energy Bites.


What’s in this treatment?

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Hype Bites

Vitamin B12 for long-lasting cellular energy.
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Energy Bites

Matcha and L-theanine for an instant boost.

Customer Reviews

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Sara Petrosky
Feeling Good while making myself Feel Good

I hate taking vitamins and supplements. So it was a great treat finding Sourse. They taste so delicious, not like the acidic flavor I notice with pills or even the awful fake fruit flavor I notice in gummies. I especially love that I can get collagen through a tasty treat. The only problem I have is limiting myself to one a day. I handle that by taking a B12 in the morning and a collagen at night. Two treats, one day.

Perfect Solution & Absolute Treat

I've been relying on Sourse Hype to deliver much-needed quality B12 for a while. I didn't think I'd care for Sourse Energy, but I was wrong. The Matcha Dark Chocolate and Caffeine is beyond fabulous and very zen—which is key. I'm a high-throttle personality with ADHD so anything that helps me settle in and focus is a gem. Seriously, the only drawback is they're too tasty to be a supplement.

Elizabeth Rishor

I take to energy too hype together in the morning and they give me just calm. Relaxed energy for my day. I never feel hyper and I crash. Love them!

Finally enjoy taking my vitamins

This is the first time I have ever enjoyed taking my vitamins! It is innovative way to add more nutrients into my diet. Especially for vitamin B12, since I predominately follow a pescatarian diet. Thank you Sourse for allowing us to keep up with our daily nutrition goals in a exciting way!


Love both of these products. They taste great and deliver on the promise of calm, sustained energy.