100% Clean Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Plant-Based Collagen Powder, Spirulina, Cane Sugar

Flavor Profile: Smooth dark chocolate with a delicate herbal undertone and sweet candied finish.

Most collagen supplements are made from ground animal skin with obscure origins. Clean Collagen dark chocolates are infused with Ceramosides®, a plant-based, gluten-free phytoceramides blend derived from wheat that when taken orally is clinically proven to improve your skin. It is the ultimate moisturizer for smooth and youthful skin, giving you a healthy glow

Yes! While most collagen supplements are made from ground animal skin, Glow Bites are infused with a plant-based alternative that provides all the skin benefits of collagen without animal products! Plus, this vegan alternative provides results in 2 weeks, while collagen does not improve skin for several months.

Chocolate is also a natural prebiotic with antioxidants that can protect your body from environmental stressors. This can be important for overall health.

Ceramides are lipid molecules that are naturally found within the skin along with other lipids. Ceramides fill the spaces between skin cells to help lock in moisture.

The prefix phyto- means “of a plant.” Phytoceramides are ceramides that come from plants.

Yes! Ceramosides® infused Glow Bites are guaranteed gluten-free

Gluten is a complex mixture of proteins. Wheat contains lipids, proteins and other components. Our unique process concentrates the skin-friendly lipids while totally eliminating the proteins, making Ceramosides® gluten-free

We do not recommend the Glow Bites during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The clinical studies are exclusively on healthy adults and we do not have data to support for either breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Glow Bites are a collagen alternative that uniquely benefit skin health and boost the skin’s own collagen production without being a significant source of protein. If you are looking for a protein supplement, we recommend high-quality, clean plant-based protein like pea and chickpea powder-based options.

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I am thoroughly enjoying these vegan collagen chocolates. Not only are they delicious, but my skin seems to be benefiting after 1 month. What a treat!

For product

Ver cool

Amazing love for these.

First off wow must order! Vegan collagen and they are so so yummy. Can’t wait to try there other products i am hooked.

Vitamin treat

I take 2 of these every morning along with my other vitamins. They remind me of M&Ms in both shape and flavor. I keep them for last as a treat after swallowing my multi-vitamin with a green drink every morning. It’s like having a piece of candy before breakfast, except this time it’s good for you.


I love taking my glow bites. :) My skin is really nice, but I am also a vegan, so it is honestly hard to tell an improvement unless someone would take a microscope to my cheek, but I need extra collagen for my gut anyway, so it's a win-win. :)

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