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The Collagen Treatment

The ultimate support for hair, skin, and nails. The Collagen Treatment combines powerful collagen-preserving phytoceramides from Glow Bites with essential protein-building biotin from Beauty Bites.


What’s in this treatment?

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Glow Bites

Plant-based collagen for hydrated skin.
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Beauty Bites

Biotin for stronger, longer hair and nails.
Better together

Phytoceramides act on a multi-faceted, cellular level by repairing the skin’s water barrier and protecting collagen from breaking down—which happens naturally as we age—for smooth and hydrated skin in two weeks. 

Biotin stimulates the production of keratin and other essential proteins that make up hair and nails, supporting healthy growth and promoting strength and shine.

Together, this duo is the ultimate beauty treatment for radiant skin and strong hair and nails.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Molly O
Delicious treats

Great little treats when you need to feed a chocolate craving, guilt free with health benefits!

Daria Monaghan

Love these soooo good and the best part is that it taste like real chocolate candy but it’s healthy for you!!

Patricia Frick

While I’m not entirely certain of their effect or efficacy, these bites are a delicious excuse for morning chocolate. I have had compliments on my skin, though!

Results 8 months later

To be fair, I do take other collagen supplements as well. But it seems like Sourse has been a good addition to the mix. It's nice to be able to throw them into my yogurt with fruit (when I throw in blueberries in there with the yogurt the blue ones do blend in nicely visually)

Like candy

They taste great. I started with the Glow and Hype Bites in 2021 and switched to the Collagen Treatment daily earlier this year. My nails and hair are stronger and in much better shape than they were in 2020. I don’t see a huge difference in my skin.