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The Collagen Treatment

The ultimate support for hair, skin, and nails. The Collagen Treatment combines powerful collagen-preserving phytoceramides from Glow Bites with essential protein-building biotin from Beauty Bites.


What’s in this treatment?

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Skin Glow Bites

Plant-based collagen for hydrated skin.
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Hair Grow Bites

Vegan biotin blend for stronger, longer hair and nails
Better together

Phytoceramides act on a multi-faceted, cellular level by repairing the skin’s water barrier and protecting collagen from breaking down—which happens naturally as we age—for smooth and hydrated skin in two weeks. 

Biotin stimulates the production of keratin and other essential proteins that make up hair and nails, supporting healthy growth and promoting strength and shine.

Together, this duo is the ultimate beauty treatment for radiant skin and strong hair and nails.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Deborah Lowe
I love all of the Sourse products.

I never miss taking my supplements when they are paired with chocolate. Thank you SOURSE for creating tasty supplements.


They are a delicious way to take your vitamins. I ran out and noticed a difference in my skin and nails. Will definitely keep using them.

Ashley B
Hair Improvement!

I know these work for hair strengthening and improved texture because when I STOPPED taking them, my hair dresser (and I) noticed a definite difference! I can’t say I saw an improvement in my skin, but my hair for sure. It’s just a bonus that they taste delicious!

Kimberly Kiel

So delicious, and a great product. I have had amazing results


Keeps the wrinkles at bay and make sure skin baby soft. I’m not joking.