7 Reasons Why This Hair Growth Supplement Is Selling Out At Sephora. 

Do you want visibly thicker, stronger hair? Revive your hair at the cellular level with vitamins needed to help improve your hair's overall health.

Sourse Grow Bites are proven to strengthen and lengthen hair from the inside out, supporting growth and shine. All in a delicious daily chocolate bite. 

Here's what you need to know about why Sourse Grow Bites will be the game-changer for your hair and nails: 

1. It Stimulates Hair Growth From The Inside Out

Our signature blend helps promote hair growth from within. Biotin helps to produce keratin, the protein that makes up hair. Inositol regulates the production of sebum, the oil that helps to keep hair healthy and promotes healthy hair follicles while folate adds volume. Get ready for longer, fuller locks!

2. It’s A Tastier Way To Supplement

All of this in only 2 chocolate bites a day? You bet! After only 2 months, you’ll see noticeably thicker, fuller hair. Packed with rich, chocolatey flavor, you get all the benefits of healthier hair and nails with none of the supplement taste. Each bite contains premium chocolate and 100% plant-based coating to create the perfect crunchy bites that will fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Say goodbye to the horse pills that are difficult to swallow and taste terrible.

3. It Fixes Thinning And Brittle Hair At The Source

The powerful blend supports cell division and growth, red blood cell formation, collagen production and stress reduction (specifically DHT, the cause of hair loss). All factors are critical for the integrity of hair follicles, promoting optimal hair growth. Say goodbye to brittle nails and lackluster locks, as our Grow Bites work from within.

4. It Actually Works!

Unlock the science-backed secrets to healthier hair and nails with noticeable results in only 2 months. Formulated with research-backed ingredients, this powerful blend targets the root causes of hair and nail concerns. By nourishing your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, it supports the production of strong, resilient hair follicles and promotes the growth of vibrant, well-nourished nails.

5. Sephora's Favorite Hair Supplement

Discover the hair and nail growth supplement that has quickly become Sephora's favorite beauty secret. 100% recommended by Sephora customers and loved by beauty enthusiasts, these chocolates are Sephora’s favorite addition to your hair care routine.

6. The Ultimate Delivery System

Many of our bodies aren’t able to fully absorb nutrients from pill and gummy based vitamins, rendering them pretty useless when it comes to supplementing nutrients. Chocolate contains prebiotics that boost beneficial bacteria in the gut and enable your body to more readily absorb nutrients - making it the ultimate delivery system for vitamins.

7. Researched Backed Clean Ingredients

It was important to us to make supplements better for everyone, prioritizing a high quality and clean formula free of anything you don’t need. Each of our bites are made with sustainably sourced, minimally processed ingredients - meaning no GMOs, artificial flavors, dyes, or refined sugar in sight. Grow Bites are not only vegan, but also gluten free and safe for anyone with celiac disease.

8. The Ultimate Money Saver

Most hair growth supplements can run well over $90 per month, costing you a fortune before seeing any results. Sourse is under $1 per day and delivered in a delicious chocolate treat!

Grow Bites 

(3 Month Supply)

3 Month Supply of Grow Bites

Less than $1 per day for longer, stronger hair

Sephora's Favorite Hair Supplement

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Grow Bites 

(1 Month Supply)

1 Month Supply of Grow Bites

Less than $1 per day for longer, stronger hair

Sephora's Favorite Hair Supplement

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