100% Clean Ingredients:

Hype Bites:  Dark Chocolate, Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), Black Currant, Cane Sugar, Fruit Juice (For Color)

Glow Bites: Dark Chocolate, Plant-Based Collagen Powder, Spirulina, Cane Sugar

Flavor Profile:

Hype Bites: Creamy dark chocolate with a hint of sweetness and fruit undertones.

Glow Bites: Smooth dark chocolate with a delicate herbal undertone and sweet candied finish.

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Our creative team created 4 love letter prompts you can choose from that will be addressed from you to that special someone!

Yes! While most collagen supplements are made from ground animal skin, Glow Bites are infused with a plant-based alternative that provides all the skin benefits of collagen without animal products! Plus, this vegan alternative provides results in 2 weeks, while collagen does not improve skin for several months.

Dark chocolate is an excellent delivery system for vitamins. When you take pills, your digestive system works hard to digest them. This leaves you with about 30% nutrient absorption after a few hours. When you chew a food-based vitamin like ours, you absorb 90%. AND the effects are quick - 10-15 minutes!
Chocolate is also a natural prebiotic with antioxidants that can protect your body from environmental stressors. This can be important for overall health.

Yes. Our products are made in San Francisco, California and all of our ingredients are sourced from US suppliers.

Find more information on Hype Bites here and Glow Bites here

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A healthy valentine's

Loved the v-day special! I still got my chocolate fix while keeping it healthy. ❤ The packaging was very on point too. I'm a sucker for a perfectly tied bow.

Great tasting

It tastes like a treat and not a supplement

HEALTHY Sourse bites wrapped in a classic candy box - who could ask for more on Valentine Day?!

I loved the classic black and white box that my Sourse Hype and Glow were wrapped in - just like opening a box of candy, except that these are good for me! And the beautifully written card was the perfect touch. Can't wait to send them out to friends and family next Valentines Day! Thank you Sourse!

A Fabulous Gift For Myself!

I loved this gift to myself! The note for me was beautifully written ❤ the product is to amazing taste amazing. I had to cover it up and place it out of sight as I was eating them like M&M's🤣
You know sometimes we most sacrifice a little something for ourselves. Something that will lift us up. Bring us a little Joy. I ask God if I could do something for me this time. I was tired of being lonely and left out of this special days. And you know God made a way for me to do just that. This was one of three gifts to myself and I must say the best investment I made in me besides my relationship with the Father in a log time. I am still giddy with this products.
Will definitely order on a regular when I am back on my feet for sure.
I Truly Feel Wonderful Thank you for making the opportunity for me to try your products.

Love the glow & hype combo!

I love each of the Glow & Hype products separately, so was excited for the option to give a combination of both to family for a birthday/valentines day treat. They really loved it too!

Valentine's Day Gift Box